Why Therapy?

Why Therapy?

Why Choose Therapy

In this day of social media and constant electronic communication, many of us are feeling more isolated and unsupported than ever. We are aware that we want to be able to process our trauma, learn new skills and seek healthy support, but often we just don’t know where and with whom. We may wonder if our challenges warrant support and if it will really make a difference if we do seek help for our needs. Maybe we feel ashamed. Maybe we feel we are the only one. Maybe we have been disappointed before and we don’t want to risk disappointment again. Maybe the process feels overwhelming or unclear. Take just a moment to peruse the list here and see if you identify one or more. If it is on the list, we have helped others with this and there is help and hope for you too!

Abuse History (sexual, emotional, physical, neglect, rape, intimate partner violence history)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Acute Stress Disorder

Dissociative Disorders

Mild or moderate anxiety or OCD

Mild or moderate depression

Child with autism, ADHD or other neurodevelopmental disorder

Narcissistic parent or Former cult involvement (therapist does not diagnose perceived narcissist or determine if a group is a cult).

To address feelings of loneliness and disconnection

Life transitions:  dating, going to college, graduating from high school/college, getting married, giving birth, separation, choosing a career, aging, divorce, empty nest, change of career, challenging diagnosis, coming out.

To increase emotional flexibility and regulation, improve awareness and equanimity

To get organized and increase effectiveness and sense of meaningful life direction

To learn more about one’s personality and temperament

Ready to begin?

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